COVID Guidelines

We want to reassure you that we do have systems in place to maintain a safe place to practice in and to minimise the spread of infection. All of our instructors have completed the Government of South Australia, SA Health, Covid Marshal online training. The instructor who takes your class will be the on-site Marshal so please follow their directives. 


During this time, we have reduced our class capacity to smaller numbers, so it is essential that you book online to secure your spot. The online booking system works very well if everyone respects the process and cancels out of the class at least two hours prior to the class start time, or by 8:00pm the night before an early morning 5:30am or 6:00am class.


Unfortunately, we will need to apply a $10 late cancellation fee if a class is not cancelled with at least two hour’s notice (or the night before in the case of early morning classes). However, late cancel feels are not charged for at least 24 hours after the class so members will have an opportunity to email if they believe there is extenuating circumstances for not cancelling in time. In the case of a 6:00am class, where it might not be practical to cancel two hours prior, we suggest that if you are not confident you will make the class the next day that you hold off booking until the morning. For example, you can book into the class anywhere up until 2 minutes before the class start time and the system will add you to the class list if there is still a spot available. Many members who know they like to hit the snooze button on the alarm find this option the most suitable.

We will also be regularly monitoring class numbers so booking online will give us a clear indication of which classes might fill up quickly and allow us to temporarily add classes if required to ensure everyone can get their hot yoga fix!

We ask that you familiarise yourself with the following recommendations so we can all work together to keep our community safe.


Recommendations for everyone:

  • When you enter our studio, you will notice markers on the floor indicating where to stand to maintain social distancing. Markers are also on the floor in studio to indicate where to place your mat.

  • ​​Hand sanitiser will be available in reception.

  • We recommend you register online prior to coming to class by following the links in this website so we can minimise the need to use our iPad. Please note if we do need to use the iPad, it will be wiped with antibacterial wipes before after each use.

  • We are a Covid-Safe business and have a Covid-Safe Check-In code which can be scanned in our reception area.

  • Please remove shoes before stepping into the studio from reception. We have cube lockers in studio where you can place your belongings.

  • Spray, paper towel and antibacterial wipes are available by the cube lockers in the studio to wipe your mat before and after each class.

  • We recommend bringing your own blocks from home to avoid the sharing of equipment. If you don’t have a choice but to borrow our blocks, please wipe with antibacterial wipes both before and after use.

  • We will NOT be hiring mats during restrictions. Please ensure you bring a yoga mat with you.

  • There is liquid soap available by the hand basin for hand washing and paper towel to dry.


Studio Cleaning Practices:

We have always had high standards at our studio but, for your peace of mind, we outline our practices below:

  • The floor is cleaned after each class. In addition, the studio is also regularly cleaned with an Industrial Sabre Steam Mop.

  • Essential oils with antibacterial properties are used to spray in studio.

  • Disinfectant sprays are used after each class (except back to back classes where essential oils are used instead). The studio, all blocks and the cube lockers will be sprayed.

  • Bins are emptied after each class.

  • Door handles and light switches are wiped with antibacterial wipes before and after each class.

  • Disinfectant spray is available in the toilet area.

Watch our video to see inside our studio and measurements we have taken to ensure our studio remains a safe space to practice in. Please note that since recording this video we have been able to increase our numbers slightly. Now, in our studio there is black tape on the floor to indicate where to place the top edge of your mat and roll back. Please maintain social distancing in common areas including the cube lockers and bathroom area.

Keep a lookout for our Hygiene Guidelines poster below which will be displayed in various places throughout the studio. 

Hygiene Guidelines.png