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We are passionate about hot yoga and actually refer to it as our 'healthy addiction'. Our dedicated yogis agree that they have never found another sport or exercise regime that delivers simultaneous benefits for both the body and the mind. Imagine at the end of a class your physical body feels like it has had a total workout and yet your mind is clear and calm. You will feel energised, focused and strong enough to take on any challenge that comes your way.
Our studio is fitted with infrared heaters which is the most effective way of heating hot yoga classes. Ducted and fan heaters only warm the air around you, circulate pollutants and make you feel dried out which is not ideal.  Think of the infrared heaters like the sun heating the earth; they heat objects and people to create a penetrating heat that warms you from the inside out. Infrared heating is constant and closely resembles a natural hot and dry climate leaving you feeling revitalised rather than drained and tired.
The biggest benefit of infrared heating is that it directly warms the muscles allowing you to go deeper in your poses with improved flexibility and an increased range of motion. The direct heat also warms tendons and joints to help relieve those niggling aches and pains, and the warmth also stimulates the flow of blood. With improved circulation comes other benefits such as promoting the healing process within the body and improved complexion. Those who practice hot yoga regularly are often asked what their secret to looking younger is!
Other benefits you will achieve from practising yoga asanas in a heated room are:  boosted immunity, burning of calories, promotion of organ and body system functioning, reduced stress and anxiety and improved sleep. In addition, hot yoga can also complement your weight training regime with many gym goers reporting reduced injury at the gym when incorporating hot yoga into their fitness routine. But don't just take our word for it, come and find out for yourself!

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The Studio

We are a small boutique hot yoga studio offering a personalised experience. We have classes suitable for all levels with a variety of different styles designed to build on your strength, flexibility and endurance. Classes are one hour (except the 45-Min Hot Express), and all hot classes are approximately 35-38 degrees, the warm class is approximately 26-28 degrees and our non-heated class is room temperature. Click on our classes to learn more about each of the classes we offer. Click to step inside our studio.

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Our Teachers

We have a beautiful team of teachers who are like family. Each has their own teaching style to ensure you get a different experience from our classes. We suggest trying a variety of classes so you have an opportunity to find which classes suit you best.  Even if you do find a favourite class and teacher, it is always good to move between classes as you will find that as your practice progresses your mind will become more open to new experiences and teaching styles. Click Our Teachers to learn a little bit about our lovely team. 

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