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We have a class for every body, regardless of age, shape or size

Hot Embody
Our Hot Embody class is a set sequence which is perfect for all levels and allows for tracking and monitoring of yoga goals. This class commences with intention setting, cat/cow breaths to set the rhythm and then flows through sun salutations to warm the body. The sequence then leads into dynamic and challenging static postures to pick up your heart rate, burn calories and work various muscles and body systems.  All of our classes conclude with floor poses to allow for a good stretch and to target the core muscles, followed by a final Shavasana to allow the body to rest and 'warm down' whilst bringing calm to the mind. Whilst this is a set sequence, there is some variation with the sun salutations.
Hot Vinyasa
Hot Vinyasa flows movement with the breath which means this class has continual movement as opposed to our static Hot Embody sequence. If you're looking for an energising class that gives a cardio and core workout then this is the class for you!   This class commences with intention setting, breathing exercises and a dynamic standing series which then leads into a stretch focused floor series, before concluding with a well earned final shavasana. This sequence varies each week depending on the teacher to have you working different muscle groups and keep you guessing what comes next.
Hot Power
Hot Power is a strong, energising class with the flowing feeling of Vinyasa. With a cardio and core emphasis, this is the class to take if you're looking for a challenge.  The sequence moves through powerful flows, and incorporates core and leg work. This is a high intensity class with more challenging poses than our Hot Embody sequence and could be described as a stronger version of our Vinyasa class.  As with all of our classes, there is intention setting and a final shavasana to bring the body and mind back into balance.
Hot Mix
Hot Mix is a mixture of our Hot Embody and Vinyasa classes, making this a challenging class with some level of familiarity with a few set poses. Building core and upper body strength is a strong focus in this class, with intermittent core challenges throughout the standing series. Like all of our classes, we begin with intention setting, breathing exercises and moving through sun salutations. Even though the standing series does have some poses that will remain similar each week to allow for monitoring and tracking of your progress, there is definitely still an element of surprise. The floor series changes to offer variety and allow different muscles and body systems to be engaged and stimulated. This is an intermediate level class that is sure to have you begging for the final shavasana to rest and recover!
Hot Yolates
As the name suggests, this class combines hot yoga and pilates, with some High-Intensity Interval Training added for good measure!  This is a strong and energising class that is sure to provide a good workout for your body and some calm for your mind with a guided relaxation in the final shavasana.  This sequence targets your core muscles, increases your heart rate and will have your metabolism firing to help burn those calories.  Expect to notice both mental and physical benefits with this total workout for the body and mind.
Hot Express
Being only 45 minutes, this class is perfect for those who want a challenging workout without the extra time commitment of a one hour class. The focus of this class is on upper and lower body endurance, promoting flexibility through hip opening poses and twists to build heat and stimulate the endocrine system. All levels welcome, but we do encourage you to take a break if needed. This class might be express, but you will not be disappointed with the results and, of course, there will always be time to calm the nervous system and clear the mind in a well deserved final shavasana.
Warm Variation
Warm Variation is the perfect class for those who are a little unsure about the heat in our hot classes. The temperature in our warm class is approximately 26-28 degrees, so you can still expect to sweat and achieve amazing benefits but without the intensity of our hot classes which are approximately 38 degrees. The Warm Variation class varies each week depending on teacher, but the focus of stretching and improving flexibility remains the same. This class is a great way to test the waters with the heat and progress to the hot classes when you're feeling confident. Don’t be fooled by the name 'warm' as you will still work up a sweat, but you can relax knowing there is always the final shavasana to cool down and calm your mind.
Yin Yoga 
Our non-heated Yin Yoga classes are the perfect complement to our hot yoga classes which are yang in nature. Our modern day living is also very yang as we are always moving fast and busy, so it is important to balance our yang by bringing in some yin to slow down our movement and calm our mind. 
Whilst Yin Yoga can be viewed as a passive or slow practice in comparison to the more dynamic yang styled hot yoga, the Yin classes can be quite challenging due to the fact that the postures are held for 3-5 minutes. This can be challenging for those who are not used to stopping long enough to become present in the body and mind. 
The aim of Yin Yoga is to target connective tissues, fascia, ligaments, bones and joints of the body rather than engaging the  muscles. For this reason, our Yin Yoga classes are based on functional anatomy which means there are no rules of alignment. This allows yogis to become more mindful and in tune with their bodies as they adjust the positioning in the pose to suit their individual body as opposed to adjusting their body for the perfectly aligned pose. Once you experience a Yin class you will realise what you have been missing! Bring the yin to the yang to complete the circle.
Pop-Up Yin (90 Minutes)
Keep an eye on our schedule to see when this class will pop up next. Sometimes an hour just isn't enough! Our Pop-Up Yin class allows you to immerse yourself in 90-minutes of yin bliss. 
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