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Our Teachers

We have an amazing team of regular teachers as well as cover teachers who love to join us and help out when the need arises. All of our teachers are passionate about hot yoga and sharing both the physical and mental benefits with you.

Barbara Photo.jpg

I am so happy to be a part of the Embody Hot Yoga team! Yoga was something I tried some 18 years ago as a stress relief and was amazed with not only how it made me look but, most importantly, how it made me feel.

I have been taught by many teachers over the years and felt inspired by all of them in different ways. Harnessing their guidance in order to achieve and perfect the physical postures, plus embracing the mind and body benefits that this practice has to offer. I love learning about the anatomy and physiology of our bodies and how each posture complements and contributes to our health and wellbeing.

This is what inspired me to want to learn more and share this amazing practice and what better way than to become a yoga teacher.

I will always build on my knowledge and am privileged that I can get the chance to share it with you. Yoga is what you make it and I hope I can expand this concept with my students!

Cindy Photo.jpg


What does yoga mean to you? To me, it's more than just time on the mat, but also off the mat and how we do the simplest things in life. Yoga came to me when I needed it most. I was going through a tough time in life, so I religiously attended yoga classes to 'forget' about my daily grinds. Little did I know, it has transformed me. What I learned on the mat didn't stop there, it helped me explore my own path.


I've been doing yoga since 2014 and got certified in Hatha Tantra yoga in 2019 with Zuna Yoga in Ubud Bali. Yoga for me is a tool to find myself, my truth, and help me heal, inside and out. What came to me in 2014 as a physical practice has since evolved into an essential part of everyday life. Thanks to yoga, I've learned how to breathe, to listen, to pause and reflect, to be a kinder human being, to connect and grow together as a community. 


In my class, what you will learn isn't just poses, but tools that you can take away. As a teacher, I am only here to facilitate your journey, not to teach you things you already know. I do believe you know yourself best. For that reason, my class encourages you to tune into your own body, your own practice and listen more than actions. I only share what I've learned and experienced, very close to my heart. I hope to see you on the mat without expectation but curiosity. And I am here to guide you through a journey that you are already on for a while or maybe explore new paths to self-realisation and self-healing. 

I have been practicing yoga for years but it was the discovery of hot yoga that sparked my initial passion for this practice. Suddenly I found the physical challenge, emotional release and mental space I needed all in one package. Every time I come to the mat I leave behind the chaos of daily life and instead find calmness and the space to recharge the soul. 
I did my initial teacher training nearly 4 years ago as a personal journey to learn more about this practice I had fallen in love with. Since then I have completed further training in vinyasa yoga and functional movement, always growing personally and building on the knowledge and experience I can share with my students. 
The journey of yoga continues to inspire me every day. I am always meeting new and amazing people; I am constantly growing as a person and every day I am more grateful and appreciative than the one before. To be able to teach yoga and bring this ancient practice to others is a wonderful honour. I'm excited to be part of the Embody Hot Yoga team and look forward to seeing you in the studio.


My name is Kaysee, and I am the proud owner of Embody Hot Yoga since 2023. Over 15 years ago, I walked into my first Hot Yoga class in the Jersey-Channel Islands. It was so amazing, and I knew straight away it would become a big part of my life! I love the way I feel prior to class – staying hydrated and eating well. I love the way I feel during class – sweating, balancing, twisting and focusing on myself, my body and each breath. I love the way I feel after every class – strong, empowered, happy and energised. In short, I love yoga and its benefits!

After backpacking around Europe for three years, I moved back to Australia and couldn’t wait to track down the nearest Hot Yoga studio. I’ve been practicing on-and-off ever since – my absences due to having three cheeky boys (Ashton, Caleb and Daniel). My boys keep my husband, Carl, and I on our toes.

We spend a lot of time camping, bush walking and at the beach – always looking for amazing yoga photo opportunities (which the kids also enjoy).

I’m very happy to be sharing my love and passion of yoga with so many different people and can't wait to see you on the mat!

Terrie photo for website.png

I have been practicing hot yoga since 2010, and teaching since 2015. I absolutely love the positive impact it has had on my body, mind and attitude.

I’ve been involved in various sports over the years but had a period of ten years (when I had my two children) where I did minimal physical activity. I found that I became very tired, lethargic and quite stressed during this period. These symptoms were partly due to being a parent, but mainly from a lack of exercise and an inability to 'switch off' from the daily grind.

I studied a Bachelor of Nursing as a mature aged student and practiced Theatre Nursing for four years, so I’m very aware that health involves more than just the physical body. I believe that total health and wellbeing can only be achieved through the unison of body, mind and spirit. For this reason, I’m a believer in the benefits of yoga, as each asana/posture is designed to improve the functioning of the body’s organ systems; aid in elimination of stress and toxins; improve clarity of mind; and build strength, focus and flexibility.

Forget the myth that yoga is slow and boring – a hot yoga class is a total workout! At the end of a class, I feel physically challenged, yet calm in mind. A couple of classes at Embody Hot Yoga each week and you’ll be feeling on top of your game. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself starting to conquer old fears and anxieties, as well as pursuing new goals and dreams! 

Eimear photo.jpg


Yoga is my physical wellness and strength practice, my joy, my medicine, my rock, my faith.
I began teaching Yoga “accidentally” - it was an over-pouring of my own practice, and the desire to share the benefits with others.
I have been teaching full time since 2013, with over 22 years of dedicated Yoga practice, “starting the clock” as a committed Intermediate student (My very first class was at the impressionable age of 6!).

I have completed over 650hrs of Yoga Australia recognised training.

A common thread running through all my classes is a mindful connection to the breath, and awareness of the physical and emotional body. These practices invite peace and joy, and teach acceptance and resilience as we ride the tides of life.
I would like my teachings to encourage, uplift, inspire, educate, promote health  and strength, as well as a strong connection with spirit. My desire is to blend the best of traditional Yoga practices with helpful tips and preparatory exercises drawn from modern anatomy and movement research.


Hello beautiful Yogi's, I'm Toni.

My Yoga journey begun when I was 22, some 18 years ago in a Bikram Studio. Like most people, I compared myself to the 'actual' Yogi's in the room and thought I didn't belong. I wasn't 'flexible, hippy or yoga' enough to be there...but still I was drawn back time and time again. There was something that felt so right about this new 'form of exercise'. As I sweated my way through the classes, my body opened in ways I had never experienced before and my mind had this unexplainable sense of clarity, peace and calm.

Skip forward to now, yoga is my whole life, it is in everything I do and it is who I am. As a student of life, movement is my true passion, so too is self-development, community and selflove. Yoga is all the things!

By opening and expanding the body our minds start to see things differently and ALL things become possible. With stillness, we begin to hear the heart speaking and when we live our life guided from this place, magic happens.

I am so excited to create magic with you amazing humans on the Embody D-floor!

Much Love 🙌❤✨

Gracie photo.jpg


I was introduced to yoga ten years ago and, like a lot of us, I was drawn in through Asana practice. From my physical practice I began to explore the philosophies of yoga which evolved both my practise and greater wellbeing and lifestyle. I completed my training three years ago which further ignited my passion for the practise. My classes combine strength, flexibility and breath work through dynamic vinyasa flow and I’m inspired by powerful movement and postures! I offer strong sequences that challenge both body and mind and encourage freedom in your practise to leave you feeling empowered and energised.


Namaste! I’m a mum of two boys and a certified Sivananda Yoga Instructor. I’ve been practicing yoga and meditation as a way of life since a little girl. My father was my first Guru and he believed that the practice of Yoga was the most ideal way to lead a balanced life. He encouraged and guided me to become a competitive swimmer, trained in martial arts and a qualified classical Indian dancer. Although I have a legal background, my passion has always been to help people equip themselves with the knowledge of yoga and using it as a tool to heal and empower themselves. Thus, I pursued an intensive Yoga Teacher Training course in India at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram, Kerala. I practice and share yoga and meditation in the McLaren Vale region, conduct workshops and mini retreats throughout the year.


My classes are suitable for those who would like to experience and expand their understanding of Classical Hatha Yoga. Aasanas (postures) focusing on the health of the spine, its strength and flexibility, working on the internal machinery of the body, glands, organs as well as the muscles. Classical practice helps the practitioner to breathe, stretch, strengthen, relax and heal simultaneously, thus making it an ideal way to benefit & enjoy a well-rounded yoga session leaving the practitioner feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

The Classical Sivananda Yoga sequence consists of inversions, forward bends, backward bends, spinal twists, balancing and lateral stretches, along with proper breathing (pranayama) and relaxation (savasana) for a wholesome body, mind and spirit experience.

Love & Light, Shoba xx

Nicole Fraser photo.jpg
Pooja photo.jpg

My yoga journey started doing hot yoga in 2009 as a detox after a big weekend. From there it helped me with my soccer injuries and making me be aware and to correct my posture as a hairdresser. I started to realise that yoga was far more valuable to my whole body and my mind than I first realised.

I grew such a passion and love for yoga; I wanted to learn more, in full detail of this incredible practice. So I completed my 200 hour teacher training in 2017. I seriously have never looked back!


Initially yoga was about exercise and detox, but now it’s added so much more to my life! It’s my scared sanctuary, my therapy, my medicine, my soul replenisher, a gift that keeps giving to my life. Especially after becoming a mother, I recognised more deeply how very important self and mind care is. When I teach/practice I love focusing, embracing and understanding all the benefits of the breath and each pose, what it’s doing to our body and mind. I enjoy sharing this passion with others and enjoy hearing their journey and how much yoga has helped them. I love being on this joyful yogic journey and I’m constantly wanting to deepen my wellness knowledge, learn and share with others.

I look forward to seeing/meeting you on the mat 💛


Namaste, yogis!


I’m Pooja from Canada. My passion for fitness, health, and wellness developed early in life as an international level athlete in multiple sports. Initially, yoga complemented my training as injury prevention was the focus. However, throughout my studies and experiences in health and medicine, I grew a deeper appreciation for yoga practice and its many benefits for both physical and mental well-being.


As a certified group fitness instructor in multiple modalities, I have several years of experience teaching a variety of fresh, innovative, and empowering classes.


Being a teacher and connecting with so many wonderful people is one of my life's greatest pleasures and I look forward to flowing with you soon!

Os photo.png


Hi, my name is Oswaldo (Os) Grillet, I'm a motivational therapist, social worker and senior yoga teacher. I began practising yoga & meditation in 1990 at the age of 16, in South America and then India. Living as a monk (brahmachari) studying and practising the sciences of yoga (asana, anatomy, psychology, philosophy, pranayam, devotional music “Kirtan”, transcendental meditation and Ayurvedic medicine). During the years 2018 and 2019, I expanded my Yoga & Meditation studies with Shantarasa Yoga Darshana School. I also have studied, sound healing, emotional freedom therapies and naturopathy.

My classes are always inspiring, creative, empowering and full of holistic tools. I can facilitate, Chair Yoga, Yin Yoga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga and transcendental meditation, always in a very laid back atmosphere. I normally encourage students to focus on breath, alignment, and gentle adjustments, to cultivate prana (vital energy) that strengthens and nourishes the mind, body, and soul. My classes focus on mental health benefits. I'm also a musician, songwriter and the author of the book “The Wholeness of Yourself”. For me, it is an honour and a privilege to be part of the Embody team.

Luciana photo 1.jpg


My yoga journey started at 17 years, practising daily with Swami Saravasti. It was not long before I began to notice the benefits of my practice not only on a physical level but as a whole integration of the body and mind.

I have participated in many impact sports over the years, running, state level golf and cycling long distances. I have found that the yoga practice has kept me focused and helped me recover much faster when injured. In 2005 I began regular trips to Thailand due to my business, and it was during this time that I commenced riding for charity events to build a temple in Kathin. The rides were five days long and we covered approximately 700 km, a true challenge to the body and the mind. Yoga and meditation was part of our daily routine. During these extended visits I continued to explore my own knowledge and understanding of yoga by attending various trainings. Plum Village founded by (Thich Nhat Hanh) being the most favoured over the years.

I believe that the mind, body and soul connection is sacred and it should be nurtured and inspired. With this in mind I teach my classes from the heart, creating an uplifting experience for students to explore and expand within their own body and consciousness.

My qualifications include the following trainings: 500hrs Advance Hatha Yoga ( Yoga Spirit Adelaide), 300hrs + Hot Yoga (Peak Physique SA), Meditation Certificate (Thich Nhat Hanh), Vinyasa fundamentals ( Elements Yoga Thailand), Adjustment & alignment ( Elements Yoga Thailand) Yin Yoga (Elements Yoga Thailand).

Esther Photo.png

I was introduced to yoga at a young age (age 8) and have been surrounded by it ever since. Yoga has always been something I come back to and I still acknowledge that I will be forever learning on this journey. 


For me yoga is about realising that we as people are more than just our thoughts and experiences, and sometimes the attachment we have to these can cause us suffering and pain. We can find calm and peace within our chaotic lives through these practices. Connecting movement to breath has become integral to my life in order to settle, relax and find tranquility within my own mind. Yoga has been this for me and through my teaching I aim to bring an energetic practice that allows students to be able to find their own sense of flow and connection to their breath, body and minds.


I aim to integrate yoga philosophy and honour these ancient practices and relate them to our modern day lives while also providing students with a strong and fiery physical practice. 

Jasmine Photo.jpg

My name is Jasmine. I am a final year Master of Physiotherapy student at Flinders University. I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2018. Since then I have been teaching Vinyasa flow yoga, my favourite style of yoga.


I am also a passionate dancer, doing jazz, heel, and contemporary dance. Therefore, my Vinyasa flow yoga class is dynamic and dance-inspired, which you will find stimulating and heating.

vanessa photo1.jpg

I am a passionate Vinyasa and Yin teacher, who believes that yoga is for everyone! I have been practising since I was 18 and completed my 200 hour training in Thailand in 2019 and have been teaching in Adelaide ever since.


I love to teach both open level and advanced yoga, with the hope of introducing yoga to as many people as I can. I believe that a yin practice is just as important and beneficial as a vinyasa/yang practice and it is something that everybody should try at least once!

Ryu profile pic.JPG


My name is Rhu, and I’m from Malaysia. I was a professional Latin dancer for several years, and took part in many international Latin dance championships. In 2005, I injured a hamstring and couldn’t straighten my leg, or walk properly. Just when I thought my world was crumbling, someone advised me to try yoga. I fell in love with yoga straight away. There was no turning back, and I practised six hours a day. Three months later, my hamstring recovered and the pain was gone.

After healing my hamstring, my yoga instructor encouraged me to enrol in the 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training course. Over 10 years has passed since I qualified as a yoga teacher. I have since taught in Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. During this time, I’ve also completed a Diploma of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture. Yoga has improved my strength, flexibility and muscle tone; and enabled me to stay calm and focused.


I love practising meditation, as it keeps my mind clear and stress-free.

Rhu currently does cover teaching only.

Shylie Photo.jpg


My name is shylie and I have been teaching Yoga for 5 years now and what an amazing journey it’s been. I have done a variety of trainings, my first 200hr back in 2013 with Nai’a Life in Bali with Jhennviev Heartt. I have done extensive with Jhennviev and Naia Life, just completing Naia Life Breathwork Facilitator and Luminary Leadership Training last year in Canada and Peru. I have also completed Ryan Leier’s 200hr One Yoga YTT in Canada and have done countless hours of intensives and workshops with Ryan and other teachers. I love to learn and am always first and foremost a student of this practice.

I love being in community and nothing lights me up more than connecting with and creating a safe space for people to show up just as they are! I have a loud laugh and laughing is one of my absolute favourite pastimes so chances of you experiencing this are high! Something magical happens when we laugh together and I really do believe it is medicine for the soul.

I also love a good cuppa tea- happiness in a cup right there ✨ Sunsets: The colours of the sky when day turns into night fills my heart and soul up, sunrises are great to but let’s face it I’m not that an early a bird to see many. Hugs: I am a hugger big time! The power in a hug can turn any day sunnier. Nature: gimme all of it all the time! Ferns, big tall cedars, waterfalls ugh Mother Nature is so beautiful, magic and our biggest teacher. Movement: it’s through my love of moving that I discovered yoga. Anything that gets the blood moving shifts the energy and gets things shaking! Anyone for a dance?! Hit me up  💃

Ok the list is too long but essentially anything that can connect mind, body and spirit I’m down for. Life is not about the destination but the journey and I look forward to meeting you all along the way!



I’m a bubbly, caring and down to earth Capricorn with 250 hours of Hatha and Vinyasa based training. I am a lover of astrology, fascinated by the connection we have to the sun, stars and the moon. I love using a combination of yoga, essential oils and crystals to feel balanced in my every day life.


I believe that Yoga is a journey to the self; a synergy of movement, mindfulness and breath. Through this ancient practice, I’ve learnt how to break down the barriers of my mind and unveil the true essence of my being. I love to focus on activating different chakras of the body, educating my students on ancient yoga philosophy whilst building mental and physical strength.


My thoughtful intentions and spiritual nature encourage my students to focus inward during class. I am passionate about helping my students to trust in their own journey. I hope that by the end of class you have reached a complete state of euphoria, balanced and at peace within yourself.

Lauren is currently on maternity leave.


I've always loved yoga and meditation and have visited India a few times to visit an Ashram. Iv completed over 600 hours of Hatha Yoga training and Yin Yoga training. I believe both styles are complementary and my love for Yin Yoga has really grown over the years. My classes focus on a traditional style of yoga, paying respect to the roots of yoga by linking movement with breath and mindfulness. 

As a member of Yoga Australia, I know the importance of yoga being more than just a physical discipline; it’s also a mental and spiritual one. Yoga is a complete lifestyle!

My classes are gentle and designed for everyone. As my teacher once said to me ‘Through stilling the mind, deep stretching and letting go, yoga enables us to be our true self’. I look forward to seeing you on the mat!

Kate is currently on maternity leave.

Libby photo.jpg


My journey with yoga started at university, where I took my first class with the most incredible lady in her 80’s. From there I practised on and off for years, then I got completely hooked 7 years ago, inspired by an incredible teacher in Melbourne who helped me discover a deep relationship between breath, movement, strength and meditation.


I wanted to deepen my knowledge and share my love of yoga with everyone, so I completed my 500 hour teacher training with Byron Yoga Centre. I have continued my learning by completing a 50 Hour Yin Yoga training and a 20 Hour Yoga Anatomy Course . I will forever be learning and growing my training and practice. 

I teach with passion and care, catering to different bodies, alignment, breath to movement while developing strength, flexibility, balance and mindfulness. But most importantly having a laugh along the way.

Libby is currently on maternity leave.

Harpreet Photo.jpg

Hi Yogis!


I am Preeti and I’m from India. I have been practicing yoga off and on since my childhood. After giving most of my life to Information Technology, I decided to add yoga as an essential element to my life. I'm a certified RYT200 yoga instructor. I enjoy practicing as well as teaching yoga and meditation. It keeps me physically fit and mentally relaxed. 

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